Current Happenings

It's Summer time!  Enjoy a refreshing treat.

Now making 6" Decorated Cakes!

Let's celebrate every joyous day together with good olde fashioned baked goodness from McFarlan's Bake Shop.  Every time of year is special and is meant to enjoy every precious moment with friends and family, helping others, reflecting on actions that matter and finally, taking time to savor the best things in life.     


New Item: Raspberry Butter Cream Fudge Brownies!

About ...

     McFarlan Bakery is an authentic "made from scratch" bakery, one of only a few left in America today. Modern technology and shortcuts are the answer in some industries but when it comes to baking; we believe in using good old-fashioned, proved methods and recipes.  McFarlan's uses and will continue to use the same recipes the "ole timers" have used at this bakery for over 80 years.  We invite you to join us; step into a time where the best things in life were the tasty baked goodness of years past.  Thank you all for over 3/4 of a century of being our customers; we really do appreciate your continued business!


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309 N Main Street, Hendersonville, NC  28792  (828) 693-4256

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